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Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

Trove is a discovery experience focused on Australia and Australians.

Tina Jameson‘s insight:

If you have not already discovered TROVE, then make yourself some time to have a look.  If you already have a research idea in mind, then take to opportunity to see the wide sources of information that may be out there.
Searches can be modified to restrict your results to ‘available online’ content, or can direct you to specific libraries and other sources of valuable information. 

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Inanimate Alice – Homepage

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Inanimate Alice – A Digital Novel

Inanimate Alice has proven to be popular across a broad range of ages as well as with a broad range of viewers, including both book-lovers and gamers. Because the level of interactivity starts out low in episode one, increasing with each subsequent episode in order to reflect Alice’s own growing abilities, we’ve found that we can take an audience unfamiliar with multimedia fiction with us. Educators like Inanimate Alice because of this; students from primary to post-graduate level find the work engaging.

Tina Jameson‘s insight:

Was introduced to this by a year 6 teacher, who praises it highly.  An award winning site with huge potential to engage reluctant readers.

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Why have School Librarians? | Teen Librarian

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This leaflet has been produced by the School Libraries Group of CILIP for all current and potential stakeholders (including parents, governors, teachers and students) in schools.

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Why do we need librarians?  This booklet clearly directs the reader to consider whether their school library meets certain essential goals.

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Neil Gaiman: Let children read the books they love

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Author says physical books are here to stay during keynote speech on what he sees as future of books, reading and libraries

Tina Jameson‘s insight:

Warns of the dangers of well meaning adults dismissing ‘popular’ reading material as a waste of time. Danger that we could switch kids off reading if we stop them reading what they love.

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The Divorce Papers – an early review

The Divorce Papers: A NovelThe Divorce Papers: A Novel by Susan Rieger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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If you like ‘legal’ fiction and strong female characters, this could well be the book for you. Sophie, a passionate young ‘criminal’ lawyer, finds herself coerced into leading a ‘civil’ divorce case for the daughter of a significantly wealthy and powerful family. Taking the case leads to conflict within her legal firm, and opens old personal wounds for Sophie that she is reluctant to revisit.

The threads of this intriguing novel are drawn together through a series of correspondences; emails, legal notices, personal letters and memos. The reader is quickly engaged in following the personal journeys and conflicts of two leading ladies; Sophie herself, and her courageous client, Mia.

Thoroughly enjoyable read. The sometimes gossipy style of the emails and memo’s quickly hooked me in. The characters were strong, realistic and flawed in a way that evokes a reader’s sympathy. The author was clearly able to portray a bitter life event, in a well rounded and sympathetic way. The format was never ‘wallowing’ – and was ‘pacy’ in its delivery.

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