Age of Distraction: Why It’s Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus

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Learning to focus on one task while tuning out the many distractions vying for attention is a crucial life skill that some students are missing.

Tina Jameson‘s insight:

While being ‘tech literate’ is essential, we also need to explicitly provide times for prolonged concentration, without the distraction of technology.  This article links the ability to focus consistently with behaviour and the ability of people to regulate their emotions.


As a library professional whose main goal is to encourage reading, I  believe this article supports the necessity of valuing periods of ‘tech free’ sustained reading opportunities.

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25 Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy And Independent Reading

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25 Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy And Independent Reading

In the age of the Common Core and its emphasis upon having students take on more challenging text, independent reading and student choice can easily take a back seat to the demands of increased rigor. However, in a balanced literacy program, they remain important.

Tina Jameson‘s insight:

Article stressing the importance of school wide commitment to encouraging life long reading skills….to allow for choice and enjoyment as well as rigor.  


Some great practical suggestions as to how this might look and work in a school.

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